le Lundi 27 mars 2023

Meet us


A French-language media for and with the Acadian and francophone communities and with the support of the francophile community of Nova Scotia.

The Courier de la Nouvelle-Écosse now has a complete information ecosystem to adapt to a constantly changing world: a print and digital newspaper, a website updated daily and social media.

To become the first French language media in Nova Scotia, bridging the gap between all Acadian, Francophone and Francophile communities in the province

Empower our communities by allowing them to flourish in their own language and culture through relevant and credible information

  • EXCELLENCE: championing professional and journalistic excellence
  • CREATIVITY: building resilience through creativity
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: adapting to an ever-changing world by taking an entrepreneurial approach
  • SOLIDARITY: for and with our communities, always.

To accomplish its mission, our media aims to meet the highest journalistic standards in accordance with its adherence to the Charter for French-language Printed Media in Minority Situations in Canada, which can be consulted here, and its membership in Réseau Presse.

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A group without a journal is silent. A group with a newspaper forms a community.

— Désiré d'Eon, founder of the Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse